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Joyce's Memories

Following are some pictures that I've been able to salvage from old picture albums. I lived at 43-26-165th Street, Flushing, NY from the time I was four until I married at age twenty. I have some great memories of all the "kids" I grew up with and wish I could find some of them. If anyone knows any of these "kids" please ask them to contact me or send me their address so I may contact them.

I guess when you get in your 60s you start wishing you could go back to your childhood. This is as close as I can get.

Standing: John Haas, Artie Pastyk, ?, ?, ?, Me, ?, ?, ?, Linda, Eddie Seery, ?, ?, Rosemary Prevet.

Front row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Richard Gerk, ?, Billy Rose, Angela Gerbino, ?, Barbara, ?, ?, , ?.

This is my fifth grade class at P. S. 107. It must have been in 1948.
Back row: ?, ?, Arthur Haley, ?, Robert, Gerald, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Haas.

Front row: ?, ?, Peter, ?, Billy Rose, Eddie Seery, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

This is a picture of my sixth grade class of boys.
Back row: ?, Barbara, ?, ?, ?

Middle row: ?, ?, Barbara, Me

Front row: ?, ?, Dorothy, Marilyn, Rosemarie Prevet, Nancy Gerbino, Terry Monahan

These are the girls who were in the sixth grade class that year.
This picture was taken some time around 1952. (BACK ROW) Barbara Treskelin, Bob Geisman, Carol Valent, (MIDDLE ROW) Diane Young and Diane(?) Dunn, (FRONT) Alan Young
Don Jump, Carol Valent, me, and Harry Kearney, Christmas 1958