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Section Two includes a biography of each known ancestral line.
Section Three will take you to my databases on Rootsweb
Helpful sites when building a web page or working on genealogy.
Some personal information about Bud, me and our family.
Bainbridge Pictures
Chakey Pictures
Christian Pictures
Kellett Pictures
Kincel Pictures
Lamb Pictures
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This website is constantly being changed. Whether the changes are improvements remains to be seen, but this has been a great deal of fun. Please don't hesitate to contact Bud and me about our website or our families. We'd love to hear from anyone. Also, please take the time to sign our guestbook that is located at the bottom of this page at Guestbook.

This site has quite a few different parts to it. Section Two, is devoted to our ancestors and includes birthdates, marriages, children, and deaths. It also contains some personal information about their lives when it's been available. They begin with the oldest and move toward the most recent. You may scroll through the whole series of family explanations, or by clicking on the family name you're interested in, go directly to that one. Once you are there, you have the option of looking at family pictures that are available for that family limb or returning to the top of this page. Not all family names are included because no information or pictures are available at this time.

Section Three will take you to our databases that are located on RootsWeb. Just click on the name that interests you and you'll be taken to the website. When you get there, type in the family name again. follow the directions for the name that interests you. You will notice that only family members who are deceased have birth dates, etc.

Helpful sites shows the sites that have been helpful in building this website and would be of benefit to anyone building their own websites. It also includes a couple sites devoted to genealogy searches.

Personal information about Bud and me and our family can be found at Our Information.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope if you have any information that you can add to our family data that you'll contact us at: our e-mail address or leave a message in the Guestbook. BUT if you are a drug salesperson or trying to sell horoscopes, etc., don't bother. You're just wasting your time and mine.

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