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Section Two - Ancestry Information

This website was developed for genealogy study. The main family names researched have been


Some of the family limbs have been quite easy to research, others have been extremely difficult. There's a great deal left to learn.


The Bainbridge line is rather confusing because some records say "Vermillion Co., Indiana" and other records say "Vermillion Co., Illinois. I DO intend to straighten this out.

William B. Bainbridge (born 1764 in New Jersey/died 28 July 1851 in Marion Co., Virginia) married Sarah (Sally) Morgan (born Dec. 2, 1768 in Vermillion Co., Indiana/died in 1826). They had fourteen children; Elanor (Ellen), Cynthia, Male baby, Sinei Frances (Fanny), Stephen Bainbridge , Mary Ellen, Dursilla, Morgan F., Levi, Male baby, David, Harriet, Male baby, and Sarah (Sally).

Stephen Bainbridge (born in 1804 in Vermillion Co., Indiana) married Sarah Bowman (born 1798 in Wayne Co., Pennsyl- vania) on 23 November 1828 in Vermillion Co., Indiana. They had eight children; John William (born in 1804 in Vermillion Co., Indiana), Martha, Sarah, Caroline, Heneretta, Marinda, Willian R., and Charles Thomas.

John William Bainbridge married Susannah Van Kirk (born in 1828 in Holland) December 9, 1847 in Danville, Illinois. It's not clear how many children John William and Susannah had but they DID have George Washington Bainbridge (born September 30, 1847) and George William.

John died in 1862 and some time after that, Suzannah went with her son George Washington Bainbridge and and his wife Lizzie Thatcher Bainbridge (see below) to Logan/Arapahoe County, Colorado.

George Washington Bainbridge married Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Thatcher (born April 9, 1860 in Brown Co., Indiana) on January 10, 1884 in Covington, Indiana. They had ten children; Frances (Jim), John (Jack), George, Lillie and Lulu Bainbridge, Jerodus (Chub), James (Frank), Suzanna, Joseph, and Glade.

At the tender age of 15, Lulu Bainbridge married C. J. Phillips May 23, 1908. Apparently, C. J. wasn't very kind to his bride and when her father (George Washington Bainbridge), her uncle (Jesse Thatcher), and her brother (Jack Bainbridge) confronted him, a quarrel broke out and George was shot and killed by C. J.

Lulu Bainbridge Phillips married Julius W. Otto Christian (see Christian).

Lulu was a very active lady raising her family in LaSalle, Colorado. She was a member of multiple women's clubs and delighted in going to auctions.

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Ernestine W. Buchholtz married Carl Freidrich August Christian ca.1875 in Naugard, Pommern, Germany.

See Christian

No photographs of the Buchholtz family are available, see Christian.

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George Chakey was born in Czechoslovakia sometime around 1850. He and his wife, Mary (Nee?) Chakey had three children, Anna, Stephen and Mary(a) ( 1879). After they immigrated they had three more children, twins Veronica and Edward ( and George (

He made about four trips to USA before deciding to bring his family and make this their home. His family was wealthy and of some renown and their unhappiness at the thought of his immigration was great enough to disown him if he did this. He was told he could come to America as often as he wanted but was not to take his wife or children out of the country (Czechoslovakia).

After the family immigrated around 1884, they settled in Scranton, PA. Other immigrants from the same area of Czech. upon meeting him on the street in Scranton would kneel and kiss his hand. He did not like this as he very much believed that in America everyone was equal. He supposedly built his family a home on Alder Street in Scranton, but died before he could live there. His wife preceeded him in death.

Mary Chakey inherited the house and money so that she could raise her younger siblings.

Marya (Mary) Chakey married Joseph Kincel, Jr.. (see Kincel).

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Carl Frederick August Christian (b. 1848 in Pommern, Germany) married Ernestine W. Buchholtz (b. 1857)in Pommern, Germany in 1875. They had Augusta, Hattie, Mary, William, and Anna. Carl and Ernestine then immigrated to Nebraska where they had Martha, Julius (b. 1891), Ida, Carl, Alex, Max, and Frank.

Julius (Otto) Christian married Lulu Bainbridge (b. 1910) in Lander, WY. They had Otto, Jr.; Carl George; Roland Clyde (b. 1916 in LaSalle, Colorado); Ralph Donald; Lillie Dorothea; and Harold Wayne.

Roland Clyde Christian married Ethel May Lattimer at Brighton, Colorado in 1936. They lived in LaSalle, Colorado where Shirley Mae and Roland (Bud) Carl (b.1938) were raised.

Roland (Bud) Carl Christian married Joyce Ann Kincel in 1959 in Flushing, New York.

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Edward Raymond Kellett married his wife (unknown name) in Ireland where they lived. They had two sons, Phillip and Edward Raymond, Jr. (b. 1862). Edward immigrated from Ireland in 1872.

Edward Raymond Kellett, Jr. married Anna T. Ryan (b. 1870 in New York). They moved to Scranton, PA where they had eleven children, Anna, Eleanor, Molly, Isabelle, Rose, Charles, Charlotte, Lillian (b. 1892), Frances, Edward, and Evelyn.

Lillian Kellett married Edward William Ross. (see Ross)

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Joseph Kincel (born ca. 1850-ca. 1887) came to the U.S. from Germany about 1885 with his wife (Maria) and two sons (Joseph, Jr.( and George).

Joseph, Maria, and their two sons settled in Minnesota where Joseph died. Maria took her two sons back to Germany. There she married Baron Zahorca'k and bore him two sons, John and Andrew.

Joseph, Jr. and George did not get along with their stepfather and went to Austria where they stayed until they were old enough to immigrate back to U.S. (Minnesota) about 1893 or 95 where they worked as longshoremen to earn enough money to move to Scranton, PA.

Joseph Kincel, Jr. married Marya (Mary) Chakey in 1901. They had six sons and one daughter. The sons were Joseph Clarence, Karl, Albert William, Stephen George, Emil Francis, and Edward. Their daughter was Helen.

Joseph and Mary lived in a house his father-in-law had built at 825 Alder Street in Scranton, PA. Joseph would not allow German to be spoken in the home but only English or Czech. Joseph worked for the Lackawanna Railroad. He helped build the trestles in and around the Scranton, PA area. He died August 14, 1921 at the age of 46, officially from acute pulmonary tuberculosis. At this time Edward was just a baby, Joseph picked Edward up, kissed him and died praying "Swata Maria," meaning Holy Mother of God. Obviously, he was a very religious man and the bible was always read at the dinner table. He had been under a doctor's care from June 30, 1921 until he died.

Emil Francis Kincel married Elizabeth Rita Ross in 1938 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They moved to New York so Emil could get work. They had three children; Joyce Ann Kincel (born on August 25, 1938, Emil Francis, Jr., and Laura Jean.

Betty and Emil lived in Astoria, Long Island, New York where Joyce was born. They then moved to Flushing, New York where Emil Jr. and Laura were born.

Joyce Ann Kincel married Roland (Bud) Carl Christian. (See Christian)

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William A. Lamb (born in 1864 in North Carolina) married Agnes Bavers (born in 1867 in Missouri) in 1887. William and Agnes had three children; L. A. Lamb, D. A. Lamb, and Jessie Lamb (born September 10, 1893 in Missouri).

Jessie's mother died when she was twelve so she took over the housekeeping chores. She married at age 22 and she and Herb moved to Colorado in 1919.

Jessie Lamb married Herbert Blaine Lattimer. (See Lattimer)

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Allen L. Lattimer (born in 1857 in Ohio. married Levia Ann Orr (b. 1857 in Ohio) on August 31, 1881 in Lickin', Ohio and had three children; Orin L., Herbert Blaine (b. 1884 in Van Next Co., Ohio), and Ethel.

Allen and Levia moved from Ohio to Missouri about 1888 and farmed.

Herbert Blaine Lattimer married Jesse Lamb (born in 1893 in Nashville, Missouri) in 1915 in Nashville, they had seven daughters and one son, Ethel May (b. 1917 in Jasper, Missouri), Ina (Irene), Agnes Levina, Eula (Jean), Alice Leola, Dorothy Marie, Alice Leata, and William Blaine.

As a child, Herb remembered living in a log cabin. His mother cooked over the fireplace in a big pot. Herb considered education very important as a youngster. He walked five miles to go to grade school and left his home and family in Missouri to go to high school about 100 miles away. While he attended school, he worked for his room and board.

Some time in the beginning of 1919, Herb left Jessie and the children with an aunt of his and spent nine months traveling from Ohio to California to Canada, trying to decide where to raise his family. He decided on Greeley, Colorado. In the fall of 1919 Herb and Jessie moved there. He loved to garden, and to fish in the mountains. He was still a strong man and worked hauling grain sacks when he was in his mid 70s.

Ethel May Lattimer married Roland Clyde Christian. (See Christian)

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Levia Ann Orr (born in 1857 in Ohio. married Allen L. Lattimer (b. 1857 in Ohio) on August 31, 1881 in Lickin', Ohio and had three children; Orin L., Herbert Blaine (b. 1884 in Van Next Co., Ohio), and Ethel.

So far I haven't been able to find out anything else about her except that Levia and Allen moved from Ohio to Missouri about 1888 and farmed. See Lattimer

No photographs of the Orr family are available, see Lattimer.

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Nathan B. Ross (born in Laceyville, Pennsylvania in 1820) married Abigail White (b. 1827 in Montrose, Pennsylvania) in 1851. They had eight children, Ellen, William, Charles Nelson, (A)Delbert, Etheline A., Frederick H. (b. 1865), Grant U., and Clara.

Frederick H. Ross married Emma Daley, of Indiana, and they had three children, Edward William (b. 1888), Elizabeth and Theodora.

Frederick and Emma lived in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania (Pleasant Valley AKA Avoca) in the early part of their marriage. They later settled in Lackawanna Co., Pennsylvania.

Edward William Ross married Lillian Kellet of Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1913 at St. Ann's Church by Rev. Timothy Fitzpatrick, and they settled as a couple at 410 N. York St. They later lived at 520 River Street for many years. They had five children, Vera, Elizabeth Rita (b. 1918), Wilford George (changed to Edward William, Jr.), Lorraine, and Robert J.

Edward had a pet parakeet that he would let out of its cage every afternoon. He and the parakeet would drink his beer (the parakeet by sitting on the rim of the glass) and eat crackers. The parakeet would eat them while Edward held them between his lips.

Elizabeth Rita Ross married Emil Francis Kincel. (see Kincel)

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Joseph Thatcher married Mary Keishler. They had one son that I know of, William Joseph Thatcher (born in 1819 in Switzerland Co., IN.

I have found no other information on them so far.

William Joseph Thatcher married Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) White (b. May 19, 1822) on December 18, 1839 in Switzerland Co., IN and had four children; Joseph King, Jesse, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) (b. April 9, 1860 at Brown Co., IN), and William S. From what I've been able to gather, Betsy was half-Cherokee Indian. Her mother, Elizabeth was the daughter of Chief White Feather of the Cherokee Nation. Betsy's father was named Johnson.

I have a great deal to learn about William and Betsy, and Elizabeth, plus this mysterious Mr. Johnson.

Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Thatcher married George Washington Bainbridge (b. 30 September 1847 in Danville, Vermillion Co., IN) on the 10th of January 1884 in Covington, Fountain Co., IN. Lizzie and George had ten children: Frances (Jim) Asbury, John (Jack) William, George, Lillie and Lulu Bainbridge (b.23 Aug. 1892 in Denver, Arapahoe Co., CO), Jerodus (Chub, James (Frank) R., Suzanna, Joseph, and Glade.

Francis (Jim) was born in Illinois and George was born in Colorado, so obviously Lizzie and George left Illinois and traveled to Colorado to live.

Lulu Bainbridge married Julius W. Otto Christian. (See Christian)

To see photographs of some of the Thatchers

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