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Kincel Family Photographs

Joseph Kincel (and Emil) about 1920.
Marya (Mary) Veronica Chakey.

First Generation of Kincels born in USA

Joseph Clarence, Karl, Albert William, Stephen George, and Helen.
Emil and Edward about 1924.

If you wish to see the children, grandchildren, etc. of Joe, Karl, Al, Steve, Helen, Emil, and Ed, click on their individual picture.
Joseph Clarence Kincel
Florence Gleason Kincel

Karl Kincel .
Agnes (Foley) and Karl Kincel

Albert William Kincel.
Dot and Al Kincel about 1940.

Stephen about 1925.
Steve and Pauline Russen Kincel (with John and Roger).

Helen at Confirmation.
Helen about 1930.
Helen and Bill Hahn.

Emil Francis Kincel.
Betty and Emil Kincel about 1988.

Edward Kincel.
Dorothy (Reynolds) and Ed Kincel.

Group Kincel Photos

Al, Edward and Emil about 1932.
Grandma Kincel and Emil in 1937.

Dorothy Reynolds and Bill Hahn in 1939(?).
Emil, Ed and Helen about 1969.
Front row, left to right: Ed, Grandma, Emil. Second row: Helen and Joe. Back row: Steve, Al and Karl. (Thanks, Patsy)

This photo thanks to Sharon Beggs, who is related to the Kincel Family through Mary Chakey Kincel's brother Stephen (Sharon's grandfather).

Lenore Kincel Kalinowski daughter of Joseph and Florence (Gleason) Kincel.
Mel, Al, Bob, Emil, Sr. and Emil, Jr.
Bob, Laura, Emil, and Mel at Jones Beach.