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Agnes and Karl Kincel's Family

Karl Kincel
Agnes and Karl Kincel.

This was taken during the summer of 1940 - Patsy, Karl, Jackie, and Arlene
Karl, Arlene, Jackie holding Billy Hahn, and Patsy (clowning around because Jackie won't let her hold Billy). The family was living with Grandma Kincel at the time and it was 1943 or 44.
This picture of Arlene, Jackie, Agnes, and Patsy was taken shortly before Agnes died. Aunt Agnes died in December of 1995.

Patsy Kincel and Jim Murray on their wedding day.
Patsy and Jim Murray with their family. Top row from left: Chris, Mike, Gerard, Joseph and Carla. Patricia is in the middle. Front row: James, Patsy, Paul and Jimmy.

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