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Chakey Family

Chakey Family born in Hungary

Marya Veronica Chakey (August 1880-1959) See Kincel family.
Stephen Chakey (May 1882-1926). Stephen was a physician and practiced in Philadelphia, PA. He married Flavia Frances Vachereau about 1921 and they had a daughter, Mary Virginia Chakey in 1926.
Anna Chakey (September 1883-?). Anna was considered to be quite beautiful. She was very blond and eccentric. She wore only white all year long. She married Clarence (Fernzie) Fernsey. They had an ice cream parlour/candy/grocery store on the East Mountain Road in Scranton, PA.
George Joseph Chakey (February 1891-1984). George was a red-head with blue eyes. He was a very funny and fun person to be around. He married Margaret (Peggy) Suttie about 1910 and they had two children, Peggy and George Joseph (Buddy) Chakey.

Chakey Family born in Scranton, PA

William Chakey (November 1892-?) Nothing is known about William at this time.

Edward Chakey (February 1897-1940), twin brother to Veronica. Edward was a barber in Scranton, PA. He married Agnes Fredor about 1917.
Veronica Chakey (February 1897-1951), twin sister to Edward. Vee married Jack Allen around 1917. They had no children and I'm not sure how long they were married.

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